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2020-09-16 09:53:48

How to care for your shaving brush?

1) Wash your new brush well in warm water before using it.

2) Do not push down hard while lathering with your shaving brush.

3) Use the entire area of the brush.

4) Rinse your brush thoroughly after every use.

5) Store your brush in a dry open area and put it on the shaving stands upside down.

6) Never boil your brush as this may harm it

7) Deep clean your brush once a year.

8) Use only shaving soaps and creams that are designed to go with a shaving brush. 

9) When traveling with a shaving brush make sure that it’s stored in either a closed container or a toiletry kit.



The golden rules are:

•     Be gentle with the brush, avoid splaying the hairs

•     Keep the brush away from HOT and BOILING water

•     Rinse well after use

•     Dry after use and leave where fresh air can circulate around the brush

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