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Badger Hair Grade

2020-09-16 09:53:48

  • Badger hair grade

For the badger hair , there are various name in different company, for us , there are below 6 grades for your reference with the photos.


Silvertip badger hair


1st grade badger hair

Finest badger hair

2nd grade badger hair

Unsorted 3rd grade badger hair

Black 4th grade badger hair


In order to let you more clear for the badger hair grade, pls see below table:

PhotoGradesColorFeel/textureWater retentionPrice
Badger Hair GradeSilvertipBlack band with silver tipsMost soft and flexibleSuperbMost higher
Badger Hair Grade1st GradeBlack band with white tipsMost soft and flexibleSuperbVery high
Badger Hair GradeFinest Grade
Very soft and flexibleVery goodHigh
Badger Hair Grade2nd Grade
Very soft and flexibleVery goodMiddle
Badger Hair GradeUnsorted 3rd Grade
Most soft and flexibleGood Most lower
Badger Hair GradeBlack 4th Grade
Most soft and flexibleGoodLow

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