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2020-09-16 09:53:48

Q How the badger shaving brushes are made?

Prepared: Top quality hair, precise scales, mould for shape, thread for tying, high-viscosity epoxy resin glue, handle, skilled artisan etc.

5 steps to produce the shaving brush by handmade as follows:

1)   The best quality badger hair are picked out ,gathered, well combed to requested length.

2)   The required badger hair are weighted using the precise scales one by one, with the weights up to 0.1gram

3)   The badger hair bundle is put into the mould at tips down way, and carefully tapped until the brush knots shape well formed, then tie it by thread.

4)   The artisan corrected the knots shape by hand, to get perfect profile without dark area,we called “plucking”.

5)   To cut the hair root to meet the requested knots height

6)   Epoxy resin glue filling, and unfastening the thread, and fixing the knots shape

7)   Finally get the brush knots well

8)   The qualified handle are printed logo one by one.

9)   The brush knots are assembled with glue into the brush handle hole

10) Keep it in the counter and let it enough solidification

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